Does your blog attract high traffic?

September 25, 2007

Are you one of those sad folks like me, who reguarly checks your blog statistics to see how much traffic and how many visitors you have had? If the trend is up or down? And if down, you sit down and scratch your head, (in my case hoping not to get splinters!) and wonder "what am I doing that’s different or less interesting to readers?"

I found this list of blog tips from Blog Heralds site, about how to attract more visitors and get your blog noticed by search engines and so forth, which I thought may or may not be useful to some of you, depending on if, like me, you are somewhat paranoid about it!

  • Write Every Post With Keyword-Rich Content: Avoid using pronouns like “it” to describe your subject matter and topic. Name it. Use synonyms. Use the words people will use to search through-out your blog post’s content.
  • Write Your Entire Blog with the Same Keyword-Rich Content: When you write on a focused topic, each post on your blog uses the same or similar words redundantly through the entire blog. Google’s Blog Page Rank evaluates your whole blog, not just each post, for related keywords. The more your entire blog has similar, related keywords, the more likely your blog’s content represents “expert” information, thus helping it rise in the ranking.
  • Link to Related Keyword-Rich Content: Who you link to, and their content, plays a role in determining your page ranking score with Google. The links within your post content, blogroll, link lists, and other links are checked. If their keyword-rich content matches your keyword-rich content, then you will score well because you are linking to content related to your blog’s content.
  • Search for Your Blog’s Keywords: If you think you know which keywords really define your blog’s content, search using them. Where does your blog end up in the search results? On page one or two, or 26 or 98? Are you really using those words redundantly through your blog’s content. Check to make sure and edit your content accordingly if you are not.
  • What Do People Search For That Bring Them to Your Blog: Check your blog stats. What keywords are people using to find your blog? Are you using those? Are you writing on those subjects? Should you?
  • Check Your Tags: If you want another way of checking for related content on your blog, and search terms and keywords, check your blog’s tags and categories. Are they all search terms and keywords that help people find content on your blog and with search engines? Do they really represent what you blog about?

Full article at Blog Herald.

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